Photography: Your Camera – The Basics (Step 1)

Your camera (DSLR or point and shoot) is a gateway to a fantastic and beautiful world, the world of photography. This course is here to help you familiarize yourself with some of the basic options and operations.

Level: Beginner

Topics covered:

  • White Balance
  • Autofocus modes
  • Resolution options
  • Basic camera settings
  • Basic Composition
  • Workflow
  • Creative mode – not the camera, You!


Your DSLR: The Basics – Exposure Control (Step 2).

In this introductory course I will help you get past the “little-green-box-automatic-everything mode” on your DSLR, in a fun and helpful way. Through a no-nonsense style of teaching I will help you understand some of the technical aspects of your DSLR camera. The basics – the fundamentals – the essentials, whatever you want to call it, if you are starting with your DSLR or wanting to move forward these classes are for you. You will leave knowing more about your camera and how to use it – guaranteed.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Required: Camera that has manual exposure control options (any DSLR)

Topics covered:

  • Exposure
  • Exposure modes


Purposeful Photography – A Fine Art Project

Find your reason. Make it happen. In this course I will help you formulate an objective to create your own fine art photography collection. An intensive course that pours over 3 sessions we will refine the objective, channel corrections where needed and complete the project within the final class.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Topics covered:

  • Topic: scale, breadth
  • Techniques that align with intent
  • Artistic vision to align final outcomes with initial intentions
  • Output options

Our Guarantee — Your learn to take better pictures or your money back..